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Post Olympic Blog - Andrew McCabe

on Thursday, 11 October 2012. Posted in Athletic Allstars

tim opening ceremony2

My Olympic Experience was unforgettable, If i had a choice between all the money in the world and running at the Olympics i would choose the Olympics. Its hard to believe that a little over a year ago i was sitting down watching the worlds fastest men race at the World Championships In Deagu. A part of me always said to myself what makes these men so special, why cant i run against them. After a year of hard training and racing the fastest men in Australia i started to Believe that this is possible, that i can up there with these guys. We did what very little people though would be possible, we ran the fastest time in Australian History and made the final.
Being over in London not just about the running for me, it was a way of saying that you have worked hard and achieved your goals so lets have some fun while were here. Meeting other athletes was a massive part of the games experience for me, People like David Rudisha possibly the worlds nicest man, show that you don't need to have this big ego that everything thinks they should have. If you let your feet do the talking instead of your mouth great things can happen.
Since returning from London i have relocated to North QLD to be with my coach Paul Di Bella and my training squad. It was a big move from Brisbane, but when you find a coach who is quite possibly the best in the country you would move to the other side of the country if you needed to. Up here we are hoping to stay out of the limelight a little and just get back to the basics of training and start to prepare for the 2013 Australian Athletics season... I've been working hard, I had one race recently at the Athletics North Queensland championships in the Pirtek Athletic Allstars Hector Hogan Memorial 100 Yards. It was an honour to win a race that was named after the great man and the last man to ever represent Australia in an Olympic 100m final in 1956. It was a fun day and I think it's great the respect ANQ give to such a legend of our sport.The race has some tradition up here in North Queensland with my coach Paul being a 2 time winner so I'll be back next year now to try and get the double! I'm also looking forward to January where I will be going on training camp in Jamaica which is something I am planning on soaking up every second. I was privaledged to line up against 'the beast' Johan Blake in the 3rd leg of the Olympic final, their team was outstanding and the best in history, they inspire the world to go faster so it's going to be great to go there and train and learn from this priceless experience. My manager says they are the nicest people and I am very grateful for their genorosity in welcoming us to their country. Bring on the Athletics All Stars!

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