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Pirtek Athletic Allstars Hector Hogan 100 yards

on Friday, 14 September 2012. Posted in Athletic Allstars

Letter to Athletics North Queensland

Dear Mr Dayne O’Hara,

We are glad to be a part of your traditional race at this year’s Athletics North Queensland Track and Field Championships

We thank ANQ for naming the race ‘Pirtek Athletic Allstars HECTOR HOGAN Memorial 100 Yards’
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and it will be with great pride that we can present $500 from Pirtek to the winner and also $500 for the winner of the Women’s Campbell mile 100 yards

Our mission with the Athletic Allstars as a brand is to ‘recognise past athletes and coaches, acknowledge and respect current and inspire the future’. This event certainly ticks all our boxes.

We are currently on a nationwide search for Australia’s fastest man, the search is a concept where we believe we can one day have Australia mix it with the best in the world in the men’s 100m in the same way Hector Hogan once did . The first athlete we signed up for this campaign was Andrew McCabe who is based in Nth Qld who is looking forward to this race.

Some of Australia’s biggest sporting stars like Jarryd Hanyne and Greg Inglis have put their names and passion behind the search and we are taking true believers with us. One true believer we are taking with us is North Queensland local and 2000,2004 Olympian Paul DiBella who also has some history with this race, Paul has won this race twice before, his enthusiasm to now develop track and field out of North Queensland is what we embrace. He will become one of the best coaches ever in Australia and we expect to see many top line sprinters out of there soon.

It’s ironic the reason we are doing the search for Australia’s fastest man is because we haven’t had anyone in that Olympic final since 1956 and it was Hector Hogan who is in the history books for this as well as being the world record holder for the 100m in 1954, we believe Australia can one day get back in that final, we are taking with us true believers and there are plenty believers in Nth Qld.

I love how ANQ recognises and honours Hec Hogan’s achievements by conducting this race each year. I hope we can be a part of it for many years to come.
Bring on Sunday September 30th


Kind Regards,


Hayden Knowles

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